About Us

PRISM Production was a creative studio

Major in marketing productions materials. With the creative idea and meaningful content, PRISM mission is to execute and give birth for the quality content via several form and identity.

We handle every step of the video production process, from concept development to editing and beyond. If you can’t find a service here that you need, just ask us; we’ll sort you out.


We understand that every image we shoot is not just a picture; it’s a special moment captured forever, a cherished memory, a new sales promotion or even the key to your business success.

Video Production

Enjoy end-to-end video production services, from storyboarding to talent casting and more. A one-stop solution for your videography needs. Share your goal and leave the rest to us.

Graphic Design

Our creative and experienced design team offer a range of design and branding services, guaranteed to effectively portray your business, venture or brand.

Brand Identity

Our branding development service involves consulting, research and design that reinforces your brand and maintains consistency in print, digital and video. We work to create guidelines and assets that define your unique brand identity, helping you to stand out in your industry.

3D Rendering

We work with brands from the initial concept & strategy to the art direction & production. Prism Production specialising in branding, illustration, 2D/3D design.

Social Media Marketing

We connect businesses with their target audience through innovative & effective Social Media marketing. Provide trilingual language copywriting.










  • Flexible.

The key factors are being accommodate with client expectation, to served leverage on client expectation meantime to insist on the principle, it’s required a lots of coordination experience, while no worry we have that.

  • Integration concept.

Well, we are not 100% from the production background, but that’s make us more down to earth to be coordinating with our different aspect of clients.

  • Light weight and heavy usage.

Concept and understanding what client need, as we are not “artist” we called ourselves marketers so the content we generate are audience friendly.